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Sunday, June 22, 2014


As I have noted earlier, I have moved the filters so that they are located behind a stone wall.  I have created a cavity with a material called Ditra that allows me to remove the upper pail for cleaning out the lower pail filter when necessary from time to time (I have not needed to clean it out yet, I will report on the frequency once I have some data on this.)

The sequence of pictures below are images of the filter behind the stone wall.  The first is from a distance to show the camouflaged position.  The others show progressively closer to see the details.

To see what the filters look like before I put them behind the wall please to to my post on the construction of the filters.

I have indicated elsewhere that I have excavated part of a hillside where I now have a level area to put the IBC Totes.  This was done, primarily, to level the ground where the tanks are stored, but also to provide some level of cosmetic camouflage for the tanks.  I have at this point constructed a perimeter wall on the uphill side of the tanks of hardy board and steel columns.  I have backfilled the hill above the tank.  This picture shows the tanks enclosed with the backfill above them.  The white pipe is the overflow for when the totes are full to divert the water to the field below.

For the top of the tanks, since I have to protect them from light I am constructing a platform from pressure treated decking.  I have decided to divide the platform into two parts so that if I need to service the tanks below it I can lift off the appropriate section. I am stapling a black landscaping fabric to the underside of the decking to keep light away from the tanks.  I am also hinging the two sections of the deck together so that I can lift one section on top of the other should I need to service anything underneath.

I am also going to plant some bushes around the tanks to further camouflage the storage area.

last modified 8/15/2014