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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Installing a Valve to Divert the Rainwater to the Storage Tanks

On my house here there was a 4 inch drain pipe coming off each downspout that all collected (underground) into one pipe that was diverted out to the street.  It was while I was putting on the deck to my house that I redid the piping for the downspouts. At one point just before the drainage for about half the house connected to the main line going out to the street, I installed a valve.  The valve (all PVC) allows me to either have the rainwater go straight to the street, or, if I choose, go to my storage tanks.  I purchased it here in town at one of the supply houses.  It is a very simple device that is buried in the ground with a shaft that comes up to the ground level. When I want to divert the water to my tanks I merely turn the handle inside the shaft and I am done.  The top of the shaft is level with the ground and is located in one of my flower beds.  I have installed a plastic grate on top of the shaft (6") to protect the shaft from getting debris down in there.  I really like the valve -- Cheap and effective.

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