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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Moving Rainwater to the Secondary Storage Area

I have placed the 4 IBC totes at a location slightly downhill from the house.  This way the rainwater can gravity fill the totes.  I am going to have to pump the water uphill to secondary storage tanks to get the pressure I need to operate the irrigation system.  I need about 30 PSI pressure to operate the sprinklers and valves.

At first I thought I would put PVC tubing between the two areas.  They are located about 300 ft. apart.  Then, I came up with the idea to pump the water from the totes directly into the irrigation tubing, and then make a second splice into the same irrigation tubing closer to the secondary storage area and use the existing irrigation tubing to transport the water.  This will save me tubing and trenching about 175 ft. of the 300 ft.  distance.  I will have to install either shut off valves at each end or put in a back flow preventer.

last modified 6/21/2014

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