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Friday, March 28, 2014

Pumping Water

I have to pump water in a variety of ways. First, I have to pump from the primary storage tanks to the secondary tanks.  Additionally, in order to get the required pressure into the irrigation system I have to further boost the pressure of the water coming out of the secondary tanks going into the irrigation system to 30 PSI.  In order to accomplish this I have installed pumps into the IBC tote and plumbed the line to the irrigation system.  I have illustrated below the way I am arranging the pump.

Sump Pump before installation into the IBC Tote

I have now installed and plumbed in the sump pump to remove water under pressure from the tanks. I have two ball valves in the line so that I can have the irrigation water line feed shut off and use the pump with the faucets in that section of the yard, or I can open the valve to the irrigation line and pump water into my irrigation system. Alternatively, I can run water directly from my irrigation system to my faucets by closing the valve to the tank.  See illustration below.

last modified 6/20/2014

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